When it comes to choosing the best real estate software, every agent has different needs. What works for one agent might not work for another agent. That’s why we decided to update our picks for the best real estate software of 2022. We organized our top picks by category—making it easier for you to find the tools you need to thrive this year and beyond.

Click on a category or software below to jump to descriptions and in-depth reviews of The Close’s top picks for the best real estate software of 2022:

Software CategoryOur Top Picks
  • Lead Generation Software
  • BoldLeads, Zillow
  • CRM + IDX Websites
  • Propertybase, kvCORE Platform
  • Real Estate Website Builder
  • Placester
  • Real Estate CRMs
  • Top Producer, Pipedrive
  • Lead Qualifying & Nurturing Software
  • Freshchat, RealScout, Structurely
  • Real Estate Prospecting Platforms
  • REDX + Power Dialer
  • Predictive Analytics & AI Software
  • Revaluate, Offrs, First.io
  • Home Valuation Software
  • HouseCanary
  • Real Estate Marketing & Design Software
  • LabCoat Agents Marketing Center
  • Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Software
  • Cloud CMA
  • Open House Software
  • Open Home Pro, Spacio
  • Community Engagement Software
  • Parkbench
  • Transaction Management Software
  • Dotloop, Amitree Folio
  • Outreach Automation Software
  • Contact Junkie, Avochato
  • Showing & Scheduling Software
  • ShowingTime
  • Expense Tracking Software
  • Expensify
  • Writing & Communication Software
  • Grammarly

    Lead Generation Software

    1. BoldLeads

    Best Real Estate Software

    In-depth review: BoldLeads Review: How Does It Work & Is It Worth It?

    If you’ve been busy selling houses, you may have missed the exciting new technology that BoldLeads offers today’s agents. Instead of just sending you a list of leads, they offer A/B-tested seller lead generation landing pages, an integrated customer relationship manager (CRM), and automated email and text messaging to connect with leads when they expect it—instantly.

    You can even leave stealth voicemails, create follow-up funnels, and integrate with your favorite CRMs like Contactually, Top Producer, Wise Agent, and more.

    Even better, BoldLeads will convert leads for you using their Concierge. They also offer free onboarding and on-demand training classes.

    Visit BoldLeads

    2. Zillow Premier Agent

    Zillow Premier Agent App Task reminder interface

    In-depth review: Is Zillow Premier Agent Worth the Cost?

    Over the past few years, Zillow Premier Agent has grown up. Instead of just blasting out cold leads like they used to, Premier Agent now offers agents many ways to become the primary point of contact for a lead and nurture and close them.

    Using their app, you can see which homes your leads are looking at and saving to make sure you reach out with the right message at the right time. They also offer a streamlined CRM with task reminders, notes, and mobile notifications. The customer experience report lets you know exactly what your leads think of you without having to ask.

    Visit Zillow

    Real Estate CRM & IDX Website Software

    3. Propertybase

    Red Oak Realty website

    In-depth review: Propertybase GO Review: The Next Generation of Real Estate CRM?

    When it comes to real estate software, you might have noticed that every tech company wants to be a one-stop-shop. Propertybase actually is one.

    First and foremost, Propertybase has a Salesforce-based CRM. Salesforce is the global CRM leader for a reason: Leads can be sent into Propertybase from pretty much anywhere and segmented, put on drip campaigns, and endlessly sliced and diced to match people with properties.

    Beyond the CRM, Propertybase has a powerful website builder to drive your marketing, lead generation, and lead capture. Once your leads are coming in, use its customizable dashboard to divide and conquer farm areas and nurture leads. You can try Propertybase for yourself with a free demo.

    Visit Propertybase

    4. kvCORE Platform

    kvCORE Platform interface on different devices

    In-depth review: kvCORE Review: What Does It Offer Teams & Brokerages in 2022?

    One of the early movers in the all-in-one real estate lead generation and CRM platforms, Inside Real Estate’s kvCORE platform is finally ready for its close-up. Its team-focused platform boasts lead generation, a robust CRM with artificial intelligence (AI) features like a behavioral lead response, text messaging, and even an auto-dialer.

    kvCORE also offers back-office solutions for agent billing and accounting, a CMA and presentation tool, and listing marketing tools.

    Real Estate Website Builders

    5. Placester

    Placester website sample - Georgia Slate

    In 2022, agents have a million options to build a pretty website. But if your website isn’t generating leads, it isn’t doing its job. That’s why Placester almost always makes it to the top of our list of the best website builders. Their sites are designed for one purpose: lead capture.

    Don’t get me wrong—Placester’s websites are beautiful. But they are also A/B-tested to ensure lead capture. They even offer helpful features like prewritten content libraries, a CRM, and a brand-new services marketplace to help you find design and tech talent quickly. If you’re a National Association of REALTORS (NAR) member, you qualify for a Placester website complete with an IDX feed and basic lead capture options for just $64 per month.

    Visit Placester

    Real Estate CRM Software

    6. Top Producer

    Top Producer All Tasks view

    One of the earliest real estate-specific CRMs designed by true pioneers in real estate software, Top Producer dominated the market for years. The only problem is that even though it offered similar features to newer CRM offerings, Top Producer kept using the same dated interface that looked more like Windows 95 than the cutting-edge real estate toolkit it was. Many users suffered in silence, but many more moved on to other CRMs.

    Luckily, Top Producer went back to the drawing board and revamped its flagship CRM to compete with the new kids on the block. The new Top Producer looks and works great. Even better, Top Producer is leading the pack with access to MLS data, market snapshot reports, and native integrations.

    Visit Top Producer

    7. Pipedrive

    Pipedrive visual pipeline graphic concept

    If you’re looking for a solid, affordable (Pipedrive starts at just $12.50 per month) CRM, then Pipedrive should be at the top of your list. Pipedrive makes it easy to create visual pipelines for your leads, keep track of conversations with clients, and follow up and take notes between showings right from your phone. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

    Visit Pipedrive

    Lead Qualifying & Nurturing Software

    8. Freshchat

    Freshchat chat software

    Let’s face it. When it comes to technology, real estate is a few years behind many other industries. We’re just … a little slow to adopt the latest tech. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Right?

    Wrong. When it comes to your website, you owe it to yourself (and your bank account) to invest in the latest technology to turn site visitors into leads; in 2022, that means connecting with leads instantly. Freshchat, advanced chat software that you can easily plug into your website, lets you do just that. It gives your site visitors exactly what they want: instant gratification!

    You can have it ping your phone whenever someone has a question, or better yet, easily program a chatbot to engage them until they’re ready to talk to you.

    Best of all, Freshchat is free for basic chat features and only $15 to $39 per month for advanced AI chatbots, multilanguage support, file attachments, and more.

    Visit Freshchat

    9. RealScout

    RealScout software interface

    Let’s face it—buyers only really want one thing from you: new homes for sale that they might want to buy. The problem is that scouring your MLS for new listings is time-consuming, especially for leads that might be years away from making a move.

    RealScout solves this problem by sorting listings in your MLS by 400 criteria and emailing contenders to your leads. Their software even uses machine learning to compare new listings for your leads side-by-side. When they’re ready to tour a listing, you get instantly notified on the platform.

    10. Structurely

    Structurely AI Structure concept

    Taking the concept of automated lead nurturing to the next level, Structurely uses artificial intelligence to respond to your leads to qualify them instantly. After that, their AI assistant will even follow up with them … for an entire year.

    Of course, robotic lead nurturing isn’t perfect, so Structurely is designed to notify you the minute your leads are ready to talk so you can land that appointment.

    Real Estate Prospecting Platforms

    11. REDX + Power Dialer

    REDX + Power Dialer graphic

    In-depth review: REDX Review: Why Smart Realtors Use REDX and Power Dialer

    If you’re cold calling without using an auto-dialer like Power Dialer, you’re leaving money on the table. Period.

    First, there’s just no way you’re going to keep up with the volume of numbers you need to dial, not to mention dealing with voicemails, hang-ups, or wrong numbers. Second, stopping to dial your phone every 30 seconds will slow you down to a crawl and kill your momentum.

    So if you want to start cold calling FSBOs, expireds, or just want to circle prospects around a listing effectively, then you owe it to yourself to upgrade to REDX + Power Dialer. Even better, REDX is offering The Close readers $149 off the setup price, automatically deducted when you click over to their site from this article.

    Visit REDX+Power Dialer

    Predictive Analytics & AI Software

    12. Revaluate

    Revaluate movers

    While terms like predictive analytics and AI have been floating around the industry for a few years now, only a handful of companies live up to the hype. Revaluate is one of them.

    Revaluate leverages artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and big data to analyze past and current events to predict future events. In simpler terms, they use super-smart software that sifts through millions of pages of data to figure out when someone will move.

    As if this wasn’t enough to pique your interest, they also use that same software to reinvigorate all the old, cold, dead leads in your CRM.

    13. Offrs

    Offrs Logo

    In-depth review: Offrs Review: Are AI & Predictive Analytics the Future of Real Estate?

    Offrs is another major player in the predictive analytics space. Offrs uses the same big data sources that Revaluate uses to help agents target potential sellers and buyers before they reach out to an agent.

    They also offer FSBO and expired leads and a Smart Farming app that gives agents contact information for homeowners and leads. They also provide agents Plug and Play ad templates to help them reach the right lead, with the right message, at the right time.

    14. First.io

    First.io mobile app interface

    First.io is another real estate software platform that uses predictive analytics to help agents find listing opportunities. First.io scans your network using 700 personal and property-related data points as well as AI to help you target people who are more likely to move.

    First.io focuses on conversations, not campaigns. Their mobile app makes it easy to start conversations with people before they’re ready to move. It uses a simple star rating system and prompts to remind you exactly when to reach out.

    Home Valuation Software

    15. HouseCanary

    HouseCanary property listing

    When it comes to using AI and predictive analytics to improve home valuations, HouseCanary is the real deal. It’s a game-changer for agents.

    HouseCanary’s home valuations are based on dozens of data points, both public and private. Instead of going back a year or two, they consider trends from the past few decades when coming up with their valuations. Think of it as Zestimates with a brain transplant … on steroids.

    Real Estate Marketing & Design Software

    16. LabCoat Agents Marketing Center

    Lab Coat Agents Marketing software

    When it comes to marketing and design software, today’s Realtors are spoiled for choice. Canva is free or cheap, and there are dozens of other platforms promising agents beautiful marketing materials without the design skills.

    The problem is that none of these platforms are designed for real estate agents. The templates are generic and not designed with conversion in mind. LabCoat Agents Marketing Center changes that. They offer agents an easy-to-use platform that lets them create custom-branded flyers, postcards, business cards, social media posts, and more.

    Visit LabCoat Agents Marketing Center

    Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Software

    17. Cloud CMA

    Cloud CMA interface in different devices

    In-depth Review: LionDesk Review:The New King of the Real Estate CRM Jungle?

    When it comes to cranking out CMAs, most agents would rather get a root canal. Cloud CMA, the industry-leading CMA generation software in the Cloud Agent Suite, transformed putting together CMAs from a tedious chore into something you can fire off to a lead while you’re waiting in line at Starbucks.

    Recently, the entire Cloud Agent Suite was purchased by Lone Wolf Technologies along with LionDesk. Does this mean Cloud CMA will only be offered at the brokerage level? We think so. We also believe that this provides a golden opportunity for competitors to make direct-to-agent products to compete. Watch this space!

    Open House Software

    18. Open Home Pro

    Open Home Pro mobile app interface

    Used by over 90,000 agents, Open Home Pro is a must for any agents who run many open houses. It’s a simple solution to a problem that every agent who has run an open house has faced—smudged, illegible sign-in sheets.

    Open Home Pro also offers basic CRM functionality like lead management, automated lead follow-up emails, and even automated seller’s reports to show off how successful your open houses are.

    19. Spacio

    Red Oak Realty website

    Spacio offers an intuitive and easy to set up a digital sign-in sheet that you can set up on your tablet or phone to make sure you never miss a lead.

    Spacio offers email automation to follow up with leads instantly and then plug them into your CRM for nurturing. You can also produce reports your seller or broker will love and organize feedback to present to them after your open house.

    Social Media Scheduling & Content Software

    20. Buffer

    Buffer post scheduler software

    If you’ve already dipped a toe into social media only to get turned off by the constant demand to post, then Buffer is for you. Do you want to reach your Twitter followers at 7:30 a.m., even on days you sleep in?

    Buffer lets you figure out what times and type of content your leads on each platform respond to, then helps you create a posting calendar loaded with content. Once you have your calendar ready to go, you can sit back and let the likes, pins, and retweets come rolling in. Did I mention Buffer is free for up to three social accounts and 10 scheduled posts?

    21. Feedly

    Buffer post scheduler software

    Since some people spend their entire careers following and writing about real estate news, catching up with the latest can be a full-time job. Since you don’t have time to read the Wall Street Journal, The Real Deal, The New York Times, and your local paper every morning, Feedly can help.

    Enter in a few websites or news categories you want to follow, and Feedly sends you an excellent curated list of the top stories every day.

    Combine this with Buffer, and your leads will think you have a full-time editorial staff finding them the best articles. Not bad, huh? The best part? Feedly is FREE.

    Community Engagement Software

    22. Parkbench

    Parkbench local referral network

    Every agent knows that the best referrals come from locals. The only problem is that taking the time to meet local business owners is hard. Showings, prospecting, social media, and a million other tasks get in the way.

    Parkbench simplifies the process by giving you tools and an excuse to network with local small business owners to build up your referral network organically. They also offer agents extensive training to make sure they’re not just wasting time talking about the weather.

    Visit Parkbench

    Transaction Management Software

    23. Dotloop


    Although the competition was fierce, it looks like Dotloop has come out on top for the best real estate transaction management software for another year.

    If your office doesn’t offer real estate software like Dotloop along with your other perks, then it might make sense to jump in and track your deals with Dotloop.

    Did we mention the industry-leading transaction management platform is now FREE for individual agents?

    24. Amitree Folio

    Amitree Folio create smart folder form

    Amitree Folio has always been the well-kept secret weapon of many newbie agents. After all, it’s free, sits right on top of Gmail, and offers some pretty fantastic transaction management and organization tasks for busy Realtors.

    Even better, Sand Hill Road has taken notice. Amitree closed a $7 million round of funding to build out more functionality into an already reasonably robust platform. Try out their free version with a 14-day trial.

    Outreach Automation Software

    25. Contact Junkie

    Contact Junkie outreach automation software

    There are two types of agents when it comes to outreach automation software: those who will get a ton more leads using it and everyone else. Cold callers use dialing software like REDX’s Power Dialer or Mojo, or they’re getting left in the dust. Advanced CRMs like Propertybase are making manual texting and email obsolete, and apps like Slydial are automating even the (very) old-fashioned voicemail.

    Contact Junkie takes all of that potential automation and wraps it up into one neat package for agents and teams. The app will automatically reach out to your leads with voicemail, text, and email, and will stop once contact is made. Even better, Contact Junkie integrates with BombBomb, Real Geeks, Pipedrive, and even Slack.

    26. Avochato

    Avochato integration concept

    If you want your team to double-down on text messages this year (and why wouldn’t you?), you need to check out the latest text messaging software, like Avochato. Avochato gives agents, inside sales agents (ISAs), and other team members a fully-featured desktop dashboard to text with many leads and clients at once.

    You can access easy-to-use message templates, send texts one-to-many, and of course, click-to-dial for hot leads or clients who need extra help. It also gives you 10 unique phone numbers so you can easily segment leads from online sources, signage, open houses, and so on.

    Showing & Scheduling Software

    27. ShowingTime

    ShowingTime mobile interface

    Even though it’s getting a little long in the tooth, ShowingTime is still a vital tool for real estate agents. 950,000 real estate agents can’t be wrong. Well, they could, but if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? ShowingTime ain’t broke.

    It does the job it’s supposed to do without the drama. Hard to complain about that.

    28. Calendly

    Calendy Scheduling appointments app

    Of course, that doesn’t mean that ShowingTime doesn’t have competition. When it comes to scheduling appointments online, Calendly has them beat. How many times have you gone back and forth with a lead trying to schedule a showing? Calendly makes it easy. All your lead needs to do is pick a date from a calendar, and Calendly will only show them the times you’re available.

    Expense Tracking Software

    29. Expensify

    Expensify tracking interface in mobile app

    Instead of a shoebox, I had a manila folder stuffed with receipts for yellow cabs, lunches, printing, and printouts of my (terrifyingly expensive) Uber bills. Come tax time; I was ankle-deep in paper and miserable.

    Smarter agents use expense tracking software like Expensify. Expensify automatically scans and tags your receipts, so you don’t have to. If you start using it today, come April, you’ll have everything organized and ready for your accountant to scrutinize.

    Writing & Communication Software

    30. Grammarly

    Grammarly banner

    Let’s face it. If there is one group of professionals who need work on their writing and grammar, it’s real estate agents. Maybe it’s the low barrier to entry, or maybe agents are just always busy, but we all know that agents need help with writing.

    Yuo cna porbalby raed tihs desptie teh msispeillgns rhigt? Your leads probably can too, but are they going to call you back when you send them yet another email riddled with typos? Why risk it? Grammarly checks your grammar, spelling, and even sentence structure and style for free.

    Over to You

    Have a suggestion for our list of the best real estate software? Let us know in the comments.

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