In 2022, there is one tool that is the fastest, easiest, and most persuasive way to get colorful visuals into your marketing message: real estate infographics.

Did you know that just by adding color visuals to their text, researchers were able to increase their audience’s willingness to read it by 80%?

Sounds like a great way to increase engagement with your marketing, right?

We think so too! 💯👍

That’s why we decided to put together this guide, collecting our 97 most useful infographics you can share with buyers, sellers, coworkers, or anyone in your sphere. And you can also download infographics from our recent 2022 Real Estate Marketing Report below to share on Facebook, Instagram, or your blog.

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After the 97 real estate infographics, we walk you through a super-easy way to make your own real estate infographics as well as how and where to share them to get the highest engagement to go viral.

97 of the Best Real Estate Infographics for Buyers, Sellers & Real Estate Agents in 2022

1. Home Staging: Can I Do It Myself?

2. Retire Without Rent: Retirement Planning Infographic

3. A Beginner’s Guide to Ethereum

4. Best Paint Colors for Selling a House

5. 7 Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know About Home Insurance

6. 8 Amazing Apps for Realtors

7. 14 Essential & Inexpensive Tools Every Homeowner Needs

8. Moving Out Cleaning Checklist

9. Explaining Your Closing Costs

10. 6 On-page Factors for SEO Success

11. What Does a Home Warranty Cost?

12. Bang for Your Buck? 5 Worst Home Improvements for Sellers

13. 6 Home Turn-offs You Should Avoid

14. Who Buys the Home Warranty?

15. How to Buy a Home With No Money Down & Poor Credit

16. Realtor Tube: A Look at How Real Estate Professionals Utilize Internet Video

17. How to Hire a Contractor

18. 10 Tips to Selling Your Home in the Spring

19. Smart Contracts Are Awesome!

20. Rent vs Buy

21. How Did Home Sellers Handle Multiple Offers?

22. ‘Real’ Estate Vocabulary

23. 28-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

24. Tips for Moving With Pets

25. Most Popular Benjamin Moore Colors

26. FB Marketing Strategies

27. Profile of Home Staging 2017

28. How a Real Estate Transaction Works

29. Downsizing Tips for Seniors

30. The Closing Cost Breakdown

31. Hidden Costs of Buying a Home

32. Landscaping Do’s & Don’ts

33. Timeline for Moving

34. Keys to a Successful Open House

35. How Much Does That Home Renovation Project Cost?

36. What You Need to Know About the Mortgage Process

37. Closing on a House in 10 Easy Steps

38. Most Common Home Contingencies

39. Homeownership Program Index

40. Impact of Price on Visibility

41. Climb Your Way to Become a FICO Score High Achiever

42. How to Feng Shui Your Home

43. Pinterest Board Ideas for Real Estate Agents

44. 4 Common Types of Home Loans: Which Is Right for You?

45. Buy vs Rent: Make Real Estate Work for You

46. The Best Months to Sell a Home Across the U.S.

47. The Cost of Renting vs Buying

48. 8 Things Not to Do in Your Quest to Buy a House

49. Light Green Paint Colors

50. Burglary Statistics & Prevention 101

51. Lifehacker Checklist: Change of Address

52. Low-maintenance House Plants That Purify the Air

53. 7 Benefits of Using a Real Estate Agent

54. How Do Colors Affect Purchases?

55. 8 Winter Tips for Homeowners

56. Daily Habits of 8 Top Real Estate Agents

57. Farmhouse Paint Colors

58. The Mortgage Loan Process

59. Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Real Estate Agent

60. DIY ROI: Do-It-Yourself Home Improvements That Give Back

61. Why Millennials Choose to Buy

62. How to Save $100,000 on Your New Home

63. Don’t Downplay the Down Payment

64. The Only Moving Checklist You’ll Ever Need

65. Shred, Scan, or Store? Tips to Help Eliminate Those Piles of Paperwork

66. 10 Questions You Should Ask Mortgage Lenders

67. Packing a Flat Panel TV for Moving

68. 15 Best Shades of Gray for Kitchen Cabinets

69. Real Estate Agent Safety: Top 10 Tips

70. First Night Box: Things to Pack for Your First Night in Your New Home

71. First-time Home Buyer: Vocab Cheat Sheet

72. 21 Steps to Selling Your Home: Get Started Today!

73. How Would You Like Your Graphic Design?

74. Which Lead Sources Have Become More Important (Over Last 6 Months)

75. First Night in New House

76. Top Types of Technology Used by Real Estate Agents

77. Reality TV Shows vs Reality in the Real Estate World

78. My 6 Search Resolutions for 2018

79. The ABC of Design

80. The Great Big List of Infographic Ideas

81. 6 Things You Didn’t Know as a Renter That Will Save You Money as a Homeowner

82. The Worst Months to Sell a Home Across the U.S.

The Future … Interactive Infographics aka Infogifs

While infographics are amazing for marketing, it was only a matter of time until some clever designer met with a programmer and had a brainstorm. What infographics need is … animation.

Boom. The interactive infographic was born. Here is a quick look at five awesome interactive infographics.

83. Flight Videos Deconstructed

84. How to Moonwalk

85. An Analysis of the Beatles

86. How to Create Content That Drives Lots of Organic Traffic

87. How Marketers Create & Consume Content

88. Energy Saver 101: Everything You Need to Know About Home Heating

89. Downsizing Tips for Seniors

90. Why Buyers Need a Realtor

91. 5 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Outdoor Space

92. The World’s Most Expensive Homes

93. 5 Sure Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

94. House Styles Around the World

95. How to Buy the Wrong House

96. The Cost of Home Improvement Fraud & Scams

97. Home Buyers Plumbing Checklist

Why Infographics Work So Well for Real Estate Agents & Brokerages

Are you not entirely sold on real estate infographics yet? Do you think your plain Jane emails and blog posts are going to work better? Well, here are a few extremely persuasive reasons you should be using infographics as part of your marketing arsenal.

People Are More Willing to Read Content With Colorful Visuals

Picture this. You’ve just spent a long day plowing through emails and sitting through endless meetings when you get an email from your real estate agent

You like her, but you’re still not quite 100% sold yet. Curious, you open the email and are presented with a wall of text. Do you read it or quickly close the tab and jump back on Instagram?

If you’re anything like other human beings, then that text looked like homework. More to the point, it looked like totally optional homework.

Infographics Can Inform, Teach, Entertain, or Persuade

Here’s a useful analogy to understand the power of real estate infographics. If your email is a book and your video is a movie, infographics are comic books or handy instructions with useful diagrams.

Easy to follow, easy to remember, and useful enough to save away for later.

Infographics Can Go Viral & Help Build Your Brand

Even better, since infographics are so sharable and so many real estate agents are catching on to their effectiveness, smart real estate agents are always looking for more to share.

Here’s the thing, however. They have no clue how to make one and don’t have the time even if they did.

How to Create Your Own Infographics for Real Estate Quickly & Easily

Now that you’ve got 97 sweet infographics you can share with your sphere, you probably think you’re all set, right?

Not so fast.

While these infographics are great, they’re not helping your brand, are they? Many of them are promoting someone else’s brand. It’s not the end of the world, but not ideal.

Well, as promised, here is our quick rundown to creating your own eye-catching, viral infographics you can brand as your own.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. A good topic for an infographic. What common question do you get that would make a great infographic? Think about what pain points your buyer and seller leads have and create something to help them.
  2. A free account or subscription―around $10 per month―to an online design service like Canva. A subscription allows you to access more templates, images, fonts, and more. It’s a small price to pay for professional-looking infographics.
  3. An outline of what big ideas you want to share as well as the background information you think your audience needs to know. Remember that long paragraphs will usually be illegible on infographics, so keep your copy as short as possible.
  4. 20 minutes.

Once you have an idea for an infographic and some data or steps to use, the next step is to sign up for a free account at an online design service.

While Canva is generally considered the easiest to use, most versatile, and is our pick, all the sites below offer slightly different templates, tools, and other bells and whistles you might like better.

Once you have an account set up, choose a template, and start designing your infographic. Remember to keep your text small, but not too small. Otherwise, it will be tough to read on smaller monitors and phones.

Keep images and colors bright and eye-catching as you want your audience not only to read your infographic, but save it and send it on to their friends.

Once you have a design you’re happy with, add your logo and contact information to the bottom and save your infographic as a PNG.

Remember to save a copy in Canva or whatever app you use so you can edit and update it later if your information changes.

7 Tips for Making Great Infographics

While the apps you need to make infographics are relatively easy to use, making an eye-catching infographic isn’t. Here are a few tips to make sure your designs not only look great, but actually do their job too.

1. Try Not to Crowd Too Much Text in a Small Space

One of the biggest mistakes people make when creating infographics is to try and jam tons of information into a small space. Unless you think your audience will have magnifying glasses handy, make sure you don’t use too much text.

2. Learn the Basics of Color Theory

Some colors just look terrible with other colors. So take the time to learn about complementary colors before you start designing.

3. Use Illustrations Instead of Pictures

Illustrations generally work better than pictures. First, because pictures are rectangular, making them hard to place, and second, because illustrations are easier to “read” at a glance.

4. Understand That They Will Be Smaller in Social Media Posts

One frustrating thing about infographics is that they will often be shrunk down on your social media feed. That means they will probably not be readable, especially on phones. There’s not much you can do about this, so just try to make them look great so people will want to click to make them bigger.

5. Don’t Try to Use Shapes Other Than Rectangles

Infographics are rectangular so they fit onto phone screens. If you try using large squares or horizontal rectangles, they will be very difficult to read.

6. Hire a Pro for Infographics That You Will Use in Listing Presentations

While Canva works great for creating infographics, when it really matters, it’s time to hire a pro.

7. Make Sure They ‘Flow’

The best infographics explain relatively complex processes in a visual way. Step-by-step instructions, for example, flow from one step top the next, and so are a natural fit for infographics.

Where to Share Your Infographics

Want to share some of the infographics in this article or infographics you’ve created on your own? Here are a few places to share them that will get you maximum engagement:


Pinterest is now a massive site with more than 440 million active monthly users. It’s also 100% visual, so your infographics will be shared like hotcakes. Even better, Pinterest has a search function, which means other users will find your infographics if you add the right description and title.

Your Email List

Your email list is another place where infographics are a natural fit. Here’s a pro tip to increase your open rates. In your title, tell them what they’re getting and tell them it’s an infographic. So, if you want to teach people about closing costs, a good email subject might be something like “15 Things Every Buyer Needs to Know About Closing Costs (Infographic).”

Remember to send the right infographic to the right segment of your sphere. A 65-year-old homeowner will probably not be interested in a first-time homebuyer’s guide.


If you want lots of retweets from coworkers? Tweet out your latest infographic.


Because Instagram is quickly replacing Facebook and Twitter to become the social media channel of choice for millennials, your infographics will be a welcome change from the endless pictures of listings your competitors are posting.

Your Blog

Using a bold, colorful infographic in your posts will greatly increase the odds of your audience reading them. Even better, it gives them an excuse to download something from your website that also has your URL and branding on it. Now, instead of maybe being in the back of their mind, your branding will be in their download folder.

Where to Find More Real Estate Infographics

Are you not thrilled with our picks of the top 97 real estate infographics of 2022 or don’t have time to make your own? Here are a few places to get tons of real estate infographics to share. However, don’t put your logo on them as that would be stealing someone else’s content.

If you love infographics, then bookmark this page. We will be updating with new and awesome infographics periodically. Stay tuned.

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Over to You

If you’ve made it this far, you’re either stoked about real estate infographics or bored. Either way, there is a 100% chance you have questions, and we have answers. So, go ahead and ask us in the comments section below.

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Want even more free resources? Tell us about you so we know what to send.